Hofesinka feat. Patti Stiles

Patti Stiles is an actor, improviser, director, instructor and playwright whose been working professionally in theatre since 1983. She served her theatre apprenticeship at the world renowned Loose Moose Theatre and was trained by Keith Johnstone. Currently Patti lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she is a co-Artistic Director of Impro Melbourne. More info: pattistiles.com

Hofesinka started improvising in the beginning of 2012. They perform both short and long-form shows every Saturday in Resort Komedii. Members of the group include stand-uppers, vocalists, editors and other shady personae. In 2016 they performed on New York’s Del Close Marathon. More info: hofesinka.pl

One of the Hofesinka’s cornerstones was one of its member’s workshops with Patti in 2012 in Melbourne. Now their paths will cross once again as they will join forces on the stage of Warsaw Improv Festival 2018!