Mark Raterman

Mark Raterman comes from the Chicago comedy scene and performs with the legendary improv group Cook County Social Club.  Mark was a consultant for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series and wrote on the Critics' Choice Awards. Mark also co-wrote and starred in his own pilot for Comedy Central, and was featured in the New Faces: Characters showcase at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal.


COMBINING SCENE + GAME (together with Brendan Jennings)

Friday 6/22, 2m-5pm // Piątek 22.06, 14-17 // BOOK - ZAREZERWUJ
Szkoła Impro, Room 602
Learn to play relationship + game at the same time. In this workshop we will learn how to deepen the types of relationship scenes we are playing, making them more active and interesting -- then combine it with learning how to play game from an emotional point of view. The result: a hybrid scene that combines the best of both improv techniques.
10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY


Sunday 6/24, 10am-1pm // Niedziela 24.06, 10-13 // BOOK - ZAREZERWUJ

Akademia Teatralna, ul. Miodowa 22/24, Room P6

In this workshop we'll explore character creation through physicality, emotional reaction and observation of people in our everyday world. Improvisers will leave with a better understanding of their own tendencies and a handful of characters they can begin to improvise through immediately.

10-16 students, GREEN TRAIL // SZLAK ZIELONY


Sunday 6/24, 2pm-5pm // Niedziela 24.06, 14-17 // BOOK - ZAREZERWUJ

Akademia Teatralna, ul. Miodowa 22/24, Room P6

In this workshop, we'll create multiple distinct, believable characters with depth and humor. Improvisers will be pushed through their own discomfort in order to find new characters on the spot.

10-16 students, RED TRAIL // SZLAK CZERWONY